​"Dear junior golfers,

I have traveled all over the world playing and coaching the wonderful game of golf . I visited India last year and was very impressed with how important the game of golf is becoming in your country.
When you play golf on this junior tour you will remember the experience for the rest of your life. It will be fun, exciting, and educationally rewarding on many levels . Do not miss this chance to improve your golf and grow as person."


Michael Hebron

PGA of America
National Teacher of the year
MET PGA Hall of Fame Member



"Junior golf is a fun and exciting and excellent way for youngsters to get into the game of golf. It is a great way to make new friends and provides a healthy and exciting challenge which can be enjoyed by all the family. The game teaches 


youngsters not only the technical, physical & mental attributes of how to
become a great golfer but promotes a high level of sportsmanship whether 
playing it as an individual or as part of a team.
A junior tour can only enhance the building blocks of Junior golf & I personally 
would endorse the work undertaken by Faisal & Nonita Qureshi in trying to
promote junior golf at a grass roots level".


Paul Barrington 
Former World Trick Shot Champion



“Dear young golfers, it is with real pleasure that I learned  the launch of
 a new  junior golf tour. I am sure it wiil be a great success because of Nonita and
Faisal and I consider them a guarantee of professionalism and organizational
skill . I wish you the best ”



Donato Di Ponziano
President of the PGA’s of Europe



"Wishing all the young golfers players the very best. Be positive
and work hard to get to your goals. Good Luck and follow  your


Former Asian No 1 
Asian,European,Japanese & US PGA Tour Player.



To Faisal and Nonita Qureshi , two great golf coaches, I would like to a thank
both of you for your continued in grwing the game of golf in India . I
am sure you have touched the lives and made a positive impact on many
young people in your country.
Welcome to the world of golf.You are embarking on a great journey.Golf is a game that you can play and enjoy for your entire lifetime.And it is a global game played by golfers in early every nation of the world.The nice thing about golf is that it allows you the opportunity to meet new people which of course expands your horizons as an individual.


Geoff Bryant .
President United States Golf Teachers Federation



Dear Faisal and Nonita
"Many congratulations on your new venture!
Juniors are the life blood of any sport . Golf has come of age in this country and all  young players out there are  fortunate to be growing at a time when good equipment, well maintained championship courses and best instructors are available in this country.
We encourage you to use this opportunity to determine your career path and further hone your skills under the supervision of two well established experienced golfers, Faisal and Noni Qureshi who constantly endeavour to give back to the game.
Good luck and may the best player win
Regardless, enjoy the tour!"
Best Wishes,


Brandon de Souza
MD & CEO, Tiger  Sports Marketing